My name is Shivam Joshi, and I am an internal medicine physician and nephrologist practicing academic medicine in New York. For regular updates, follow me on Twitter @sjoshiMD. If you would like to contact me, email me at afternoonroundsATgmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with .) or message me on Twitter.

Why is your website called afternoonrounds? To those outside of the medical profession, rounds refers to the daily event of seeing, evaluating, and treating patients each morning in a serial fashion. In the early days of medicine, hospital rooms were arranged in a circle, for example around a rotunda, and as the team of physicians completed reviewing each patients chart, they would have traversed the path of a ’round’ circle; hence, the term ’rounds’.

Today, patients are scattered on different floors, wings, and corners of the hospital. Although the path traversed is different, the term ’rounds’ has stuck. Every morning, medical students, observers, residents, fellows, and attendings discuss the medical aspects of patient care, often leaving the social, ethical, moral, and the downright tangential aspects of medicine for another place. For me, afternoonrounds is that place. Whether you are in the medical profession or not, I welcome you to the discussion.

A Note: Over the years, the focus of my writing and research has transitioned to the theme of plant-based medicine and diets. I’ve created a separate tab on my blog to discuss these interests, which you can find here.

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  1. So much for scrubs and white ooats in public. In my student days at Columbia-Pres in NYC, we were NEVER allowed on the street in our uniforms. There were tunnels that connected all buildings and that’s how the uniformed staff traveled. Keep the germs inside where they live, not outside where they can infect people.

    Would that we could have some of the good old days back where uniforms signified the level of provider that was addressing the patient. Now, everyone looks alike (messy) and patients are confused.

    Is this a good way to deal with patients?



  2. Dr Joshi, I listened to your podcast with Ian Cramer and feel compelled to write to you… my 10 y/o daughter had kidney failure 5 years ago due to an auto-immune disease. She and I would like to share her experiences with you. She’s now 15, a whole food based vegan (over 1-1/2 years now), not on dialysis, and has had many amazing results through her journey. She’s often referred to as ‘The Miracle Girl’ by some of her Dr’s. Her Dr was impressed with her improvements, and has thought she might want to talk with other patients about veganism. We are willing to share her bi-weekly bloodwork, and experiences with you. I believe that integration between diet and health care are important and maybe her documented experience could help you to prove the benefits of plant based diets for your patients, or get some other people willing to do studies to prove that improvements are possible. I’m Crystal-Jean Roat on FB, please feel free to message me there, if you are interested in hearing her story. We are in the Philly area as well.


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